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there are too many mediocre things in life. love should not be one of them.



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living in a lonely world! I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. It's harder than you'd think to write an "about" section...about yourself. Very weird, actually. But really, I was born and raised and have returned to this sweet little town of mine to make a home of my grandmother's ancient farmhouse and a life with my husband and baby girl.

This really is home for me. The place I learned to ride a bike, to draw and color (inside the lines professional, right here) and fall in love with art, with creating. This was the place I learned to dribble a basketball, spent my days building forts and my nights lost in Junie B. Jones. The place that I met my husband and brought my baby home to. Yes, this is home, at least for now.

Don't get me wrong, though; I'm no homebody. I love to travel and dream of trips to the ocean, the mountains, anywhere with new sights to see and adventures to be had. Sunshine is my favorite thing. I love Sundays, Chipotle, cornfields and the smell of rain. I could live forever inside of Target. Or Madewell. Or West Elm. I love blue jeans, pretty dresses, Jamba Juice and good hair days. I love love. First love, new love, old love, puppy love; it all makes me starry eyed. And to think, my job is to capture your love, your story, life. How very lucky I am.